Some projects in the Netherlands are listed below.

Current pilot projects:

Interreg IAT, jan 2017-dec 2019, further development of WE-Pods, harmonization of regulations Netherlands and Germany, Fieldlabs to cross the border, at airport and in Wageningen Campus – Ede train station.

RADD, Researchlab Automated Driving Delft, from june 2017

MRDH Region, jul 2016-ongoing with about 12 fieldlab locations for last mile testing (public transport)

Appelscha, short pilot with easymile vehicle on bikelane in the north of the Netherlands.

Amsterdam Region. plan development fase

Drimmelen, plan development fase

Truck platooning use cases, ongoing

GCDC2017, ongoing


Completed projects:

Januari-september 2016 WE-Pods, more info

May 28 – May 31, iGAME-Grand Cooperative Driving Challenge, Helmond, more info

April 5th and 6th 2016 EU Truck Platooning Challenge, more info

14 april 2016 Experience for EC2106 Transport Ministers, more info

April-May 2015  Eco-twin of TNO-DAF in Helmond, more info

February 9th 2015 Scania en TLN platooning trucks, more info

November 2013 DAVI, more info