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Overview roadmaps and pilots

There’s a lot of activity going on in the field of connected and automated driving. In a recent scan we came across more than 30 roadmaps worldwide and even more pilots. Any attempt to make an overview seems to be outdated the next day, but we believe that such overviews are valuable. And in the spirit of the Declaration of Amsterdam where sharing knowledge and experience is encouraged, we’d like to share our overviews. Combined with the presentations that were given at the CARTRE workshop “large-scale automation pilots on public roads in Europe” (December 16th 2016, Brussels) this should give you a good impression of what’s happening in the field of connected and automated driving.

Overview roadmaps | Overview pilots | CARTRE workshop | CARTRE project | Declaration of Amsterdam

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State of the art on infrastructure for Connected and Automated Driving

What knowledge and experience is currently available on the relation between connected and automated driving and infrastructure? Rijkswaterstaat, Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment in The Netherlands commissioned the TU Delft to explore this and create an overview. The resulting report “State of the art on Infrastructure for Automated Driving” presents an international literature overview, taking into account both physical and digital infrastructure. In addition recent and current projects, initiatives and test sites for connected and automated driving are listed. A first attempt to map implications for infrastructure per automation level has been done as well as a summary of knowledge gaps and suggested future research directions.

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