Knowledge on different subjects is required to enable Automatic Driving on public roads. Some knowledge is available or in research. We distinguish these five ‘knowledge areas’ (see below). Every knowledge area also has a so called round table to exchange knowledge and experiences. It is tried to collaborate with existing initiatives. The tables are hosted at DITCM and DAVI.

Click here for the report with knowlegde questions derived from the workshop knowlegdeagenda April 14th 2015.
Click here for the annual knowlegde report with lessons learned in 2015 (in Dutch).
Click here for the annual knowlegde report 2016 (in Dutch).
The annual knowlegde report 2016 is now interactive available for all the knowlegde areas. The report contains links to documents from the library as support. The knowlegde report 2016 is available on each page of the knowlegde areas: Legal, Technical, Impact, Human behaviourDeployment